An Introduction

As a Life Coach, I partner with my clients to help improve and empower leadership skills at every level. I trained in Energy Leadership Coaching with the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC), a meticulous and certified program. I am also an Associate Certified Coach within the ICF.

I am making the transition in my coaching to provide a direct coaching approach on a one on one basis from that of working within organizations, executives and teams. A major part of my values system has to do with bringing value to others so that they may experience their desired intentions.

While this approach is fulfilling and quite rewarding to the client it requires buy in and accountability. Something I am quite familiar with and can promote in helping each client create the agenda that works for them.

I invite you to explore your freedom of choice and create new pathways that make living a life based on your expectations and beliefs, possible.

I enjoy the outdoors with my wife Rea, in a variety of ways, kayaking, hiking, and in winter a snowshoe trek or two. Las Vegas is our new home, and we love everything it has to offer.

The desired approach to leadership is defined as how you interact with everyone, including yourself. Everyone is a leader either by choice or by default. The question is not whether or not we are leaders, but how well do we lead?


1:1 Core Energy Coaching - Create your purpose

Understand the fundamental beliefs causing stress and disconnect in your life.

Identify the values that are driving ineffective default leadership behaviors. Discover values that resonate your intentions.

Develop a clear vision of the leader you desire to be.

Create a plan to put new and practical leadership behaviors into action.

Organizational Core Energy Coaching - Create a collaborative voice

Identify real and perceived causes of stress that impact team cohesion

Uncover team expectations that reinforce dissatisfaction and disengagement

Identify misaligned corporate and individual values that influence satisfaction and engagement.

Develop team actions that shift the team mindset from being opposing to a focus on collaboration and communication

Impactful Leadership talks - Create a catalyst to leadership energy

Jeff will deliver insightful, inspiring, topic-based talks to incentivize your corporate group.

All talks are meant to promote personal growth and develop then sustain belief in the mission of your organization and leave your team feeling abundant and energized.

All talks will have actions created in particular to the desired outcome.

One day workshops – Create personal growth with purpose

Jeff delivers half and full day sessions where the focus is on a specific topic such as:

  • Energetic self-perception – why it matters
  • Understanding the Value of Collaborative Teams
  • Managing across generations
  • Happiness with Work/Life Choices
  • My Time Management

Workshops can also be developed to address elements specific to your organization.

“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”


"Jeff’s coaching process and approach have transformed me personally as a leader at 5BY5 Engineers. He has offered very insightful and direct communication regarding my leadership growth as well as helping me establish a clear vision for our company. Jeff delivers very measurable and practical tools that help our organization establish processes, team member expectations, as well as our company values. We will utilize Jeff’s leadership development program as well as his business insight as we grow in our industry."

"Jeff has a natural ability to immediately make you feel comfortable in sharing your story, expressing emotions, and identifying your goals and dreams. Through open and honest communication he kept me on track with my personal goals by keeping me accountable, challenging me in a supportive manner, as well as allowing me to explore different options and opportunities to find what I truly wanted to do. Through his extensive management and leadership experience in previous roles with UPS, he was able to provide me with unique insights and recommendations specific to what I was trying to accomplish and different avenues to reach it. I'd highly recommend Jeff as a coach for those in Leadership roles or those wanting to move into such positions - he drives results through practical applications and tools while cheering you along as you smash your goals and reaching your dreams. I am currently enjoying my new role in management and leadership and couldn't be happier!"

"Jeff and I have worked in a coaching relationship for over a year now. He focuses on my agenda and helps me find clarity in what serves my values and purpose. I’ve learned practical approaches to managing my energy and realized measurable results through utilizing his Energy Leadership model. Jeff’s Energy Leadership framework has led me to experience clearer thinking, fostering more creativity and mental space in my life. It also has increased my self-awareness which led me to experience higher energy levels throughout my day and a more collaborative approach to leadership. Jeff’s coaching has benefited me and those around me. I’ve become a more authentic leader and my wife would tell you a better husband, and dad. I’d highly recommend working with him."

"Jeff and I have worked together off and on for the past 30 years and he has always proven to be a true leader. Jeff has the capacity to inspire and motivate without coercion. He asks for commitment and instills a desire on the part of the individual to do their very best; to contribute 120%. Jeff's mastery and ease in a leadership role also makes it possible for him, and any team he leads, to meet and exceed any performance metric he's been challenged with. Whether the bottom line is cost, performance, or the combined measure of profitability, his focus is always razor sharp and his numbers well ahead of the curve. Jeff makes success look so easy you'd think just about anybody could do it; that's what sets him apart."

"Jeff says he takes the approach of a coach. That is exactly how I saw him when he was my manager at UPS. He had patience with me and took the time to teach me skills that I was lacking. The biggest impact that he had in my life was to encourage me to go back to college. I followed his suggestions and received my AS in Marketing/Mid Management AND BA in H.R/Management. I was an honor student in both schools. Because of his sincere approach, I followed his suggestions. I have since completed my CNA/CMA Certifications in the medical field. It is management like Jeff, that an employee like me, would follow just to make his team excel to the highest."

Values-Based leadership is one where intuition is aligned with purpose. Your ability to influence is manifested by your desire to bring the high resonant energy of service to those you lead.

Blogs & Books


I enjoy writing on the topic of Leadership and how we may present leadership in ourselves and to others in life and at work. The idea behind my blogs and newsletters is to provide some mental prompts to stir up my reader's self-awareness and promote personal growth. These thoughts are spontaneous, and some come from my interactions with my clients, other professionals and some, well, they are my own personal musings.

Keep an eye on this space for more content coming soon.


My first publication ‘Lessons in Leadership and Life‘ is a collection of leadership articles targeted to present general concepts that may be applied in both your personal and professional lives.  Driven by my 30+ years of management experience, this book is a must-read for new and experienced leaders.

On the lighter side, “The Buzz about Tequila” was a collaborative effort which I thoroughly enjoyed being involved in. Being a Tequila connoisseur of sorts, I value sharing the backstory on my favorite liquor with others.